Festival Location: Scarborough Village Theatre & R.C.

3600 Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON M1M 1R9


The 7th Annual StArt YPA Festival: August 14th - 19th, 2017

StArt Youth Presenting Art looks at the connection between the Arts and community.

We are creating an environment where residents from Scarborough's diverse communities can come together,

be engaged and celebrate the talents of Scarborough's young emerging artists. The festival will provide youth with a platform from which they will be able to express themselves and truly speak to their community.
























Workshops will be provided in the following disciplines:

Acting, Singing, Dance, Music Production,

Fine Arts, Photography, Theatre Production, and Business for the Arts


Youth will be provided a platform from which to share their creative endeavors with their community.


 Participating artists & volunteers will receive a copy of the 2017 StArt YPA chapbook (magazine).

It will feature the works of this year’s fine arts, photography and spoken word artists.


 Performing artists will get a featured spot on the StArt YPA Youtube channel.


 Participating youth will receive a certificate acknowledging their participation /

contribution to the StArt YPA festival.


Youth will also receive a surprise takeaway.







Get Involved!



StArt Youth Presenting Art is currently looking for new team members!


Positions Available:

Festival Management: Oversee festival programming and coordinate with the team to ensure the successful execution of the festival.


Community Outreach Coordinator:  Optimize existing relationships and foster new ones in the community and media outlets.


Budget Manager: Prepare and monitor festival's budget.


Social Media Coordinator Assistant: Be part of the Communications team and help execute social media campaigns that celebrate arts in the community.

Graphic Design: Assist with the creation and maintenance of graphic work for both online and print formats.





















  As a team member, you will attend meetings twice monthly in Scarborough. You will also dedicate approximately 5 hours per week towards completing your tasks. The work will culminate in the 7th annual StArt YPA Festival, which will run from August 14th – 19th, 2017.


Who we are looking for:

We are looking for people 16 – 29yrs., who are passionate about the arts, outgoing, and willing to attend public events. If you are a student or have a passion and interest in any of these fields, joining the StArt YPA Team is an excellent opportunity to gain experience and get up to 160 volunteer hours!


Accepting letters of interest now!


Submit to info@startypa.org




Other Tasks: 



If you are between 16 and 29 years old and would like to volunteer doing community outreach, and/or assisting with activities during the festival week - August 14th – 19th, 2017 - send your request to participate to: info@startypa.org













If you want to take part in the StArt YPA workshops, you can reserve your spot by e-mailing us at info@startypa.org. Write ‘Workshops’ on the subject line and include your full name, e-mail address and specify which workshops you are interested in attending. You can choose ONE art discipline per day. Workshops will run from August 14th – 19th, 2017. *A full program will be released soon.



If you are between the ages of 13 – 29yrs.,

and would like to showcase your work at the 7th annual StArt YPA Festival 2017,

contact us at info@startypa.org with the following information:


Statement about YOU:


In the e-mail include your full name, age, telephone number and e-mail address. Tell us what or who has inspired you to become an artist.






Send us a head shot of yourself.


Send us samples of your work, as follows:


Visual Artists: work must be titled, format: JPEGs or links to your website/web gallery


Spoken Word Artists: send us your work in a word document, or links to your videos.


Performing Artists: send us links to your videos


*Videos: you can use your cellphone and/or a computer to create your video. We just want to see a sample of your work.


Visual and Performing Artists are required to attend the scheduled Auditions &

 Interviews, on Saturday,

June 24th, 2017,

 from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm,

 at Christ Church, 155 Markham Rd, Scarborough. *First come, first seen!



Open to all styles: R&B, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, Gospel, Pop, Rock, Cultural Music etc.


Send us a link to your audition video...you can use your computer or cell phone to create your audition video



Open to all dance styles: Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet, Cultural Dance etc.


Send us a link to your audition video...you can use your computer or cell phone to create your audition video



Theatre pieces must not exceed 10 minutes in length. Maximum cast members: 10


Send us a link to your audition video...you can use your computer or cell phone to create your audition video




Presentations must not be enhanced with props or music,

we want to hear your words


Submit a word documents or links to your videos/audio.








Open to all visual arts: Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, Photography, Wearable Art etc.


Send us JPEG files of your best work (5 photos max)




Send us the link to the site where we can view your video/short film.


Your work must not exceed 10 minutes




Submissions must not have sexually explicit content, vulgarity or racial slurs.

Veronica Almeida

Marketing Assistant & Copywriter


Veronica Almeida is an avid arts supporter. She also holds a Hon. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, from Ryerson University and is now pursuing her Ontario Graduate Certificate in Forensic Practice, at Humber College.







Mimi Starikova

Assistant Social Media Coordinator


 The highlights of MimiStar 10+ years professional artistry career include being an official ballroom Latin dance, yoga and fitness instructor at Seneca College since 2013, York University since 2012 and president of Toronto Yoga Centre since 2010 and owner of MimiStar&co.








Osvaldo Sales

Lead Gallery Coordinator & Graphic Designer


Osvaldo has performed and/or displayed installations in many venues including Harbourfront Centre and the Salsa Conference in Toronto. He is looking forward to continue creating an interactive environment for Scarborough art scene through StArt YPA.











Cherise Solomon

Festival Assistant Manager


Cherise Solomon started dancing at 14 and is now a dancer for City Dance Corps Pre-Professional Training Program and The Girl’s Club. Cherise currently attends Ryerson University studying New Media.










Melicia Sutherland

PR & Marketing Manager


 Melicia has performed as a spoken word artist at community events and in local venues such as Young Peoples Theatre, the Rex Jazz & Blues Bar and the Trane Studio. To further her outreach, she became a member of StArt Youth Presenting Art.









Travoy Deer

Workshop Coordinator


As a SuiteLife Arts for Youth alumni, Travoy has been teaching within the program since 2008. He also enjoys helping young people in their endeavours in the LGBTQ scene. StArtYPA satisfies his passion for bringing different communities together.











Melissa Mathers

Volunteer Coordinator


 Melissa is currently part of the band Löbu and a visual artist herself. She started out with SuiteLife Arts for Youth 10 years ago and as a way to give back, she joined the StArt YPA team.








About Us

SuiteLife Arts for Youth created its new youth-led initiative "StArt Youth Presenting Art" in 2010.

 This project brought a committed team of "SuiteLife" alumni together with the purpose of creating

and implementing the first annual StArt Youth Presenting Art workshops & festival.


The StArt Youth Presenting Art team is comprised of young people whose belief in community

 involvement propels us to create artistic opportunities for our peers.


We strive to give young emerging artists in Scarborough alternative outlets to express themselves in various

artistic fields. We aid in providing them a platform where their works are accessible to their communities.












Founding members:

Welcome New Team Members:

Jhanelle Porter

Lead Social Media Coordinator


Jhanelle Porter is an event planner and social media enthusiast who loves Hip Hop and the art of Spoken Word. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality) from George Brown College.







Terra Pham

Assistant Social

Media Coordinator


Student and Artist

Terra is a student artist currently studying at Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School, despite her age she has presented her work in multiply venues like Nuit Blanche.









Connie Tong

Festival Manager &

Community Outreach


Artist, designer, and art educator.

Emerging young maker experienced in creative workshop facilitation and community art programing.











Shout Out to Past Team Members who continue giving us their support:

Elee Stalker

Social Media



Elee Stalker gained her foundation in performing arts at Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts where she learned stage skills for singing, acting and dancing. Currently, she transfers her prior knowledge in the arts to working with the camera.







Alex McCulloch












Ashish Shukla











Shubatha Devamanoharan













Grace Phan











Kimberly Gayle












Kyle Robinson











Ramonne Skinner













Taspia Wahid











Ajay Bagwe












Manar Hossain











Elijah Xmith













Rubaiyat Ashna











Ornella Khalonji













Steve Vargo












Carly Emmaneel











Steven Walters













Ryan Baron











Daniece Blair













Contact Us


E-mail: info@startypa.org


Phone: 416.691.3269

or Visit our parent site

SuiteLife Arts for Youth at:



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