For the past couple of weeks, the StArt YPA team has been monitoring the effects of COVID-19 in the arts community. It’s been challenging navigating through this pandemic as information is constantly changing. Due to this, we have decided to cancel this year’s StArt YPA Festival in August to align with public health recommendations.  The cancellation of our August festival did not come easy. We understand the impact the StArt YPA festival brings to the Scarborough community every year for artists and community members like you. However, our priority will always be to ensure that our community of artists and our families are staying safe and well. 


You, our StArt YPA family, rely on us to bring industry professionals into our spaces to learn new skills free of charge. Also, you depend on us to create an accessible platform to show off your masterpieces to the community. This is why we are working diligently to continue to connect and support our families while physical distancing is in place.  We are currently exploring multiple options, such as an online platform, which will enable all of us to connect beyond the four walls of physical space. And when we can meet again in the near future, we hope to deliver smaller workshops with physical distancing measures in place. 


Although this process may not be perfect, we ask that you continue to stay involved with us as we embarked on these unprecedented times.  There’s one thing we know; we are all resilient beings and times of uncertainty allows us to put our creative juices together to serve the greater community. Now it's more important than ever we are united as artists, performers, writers, dancers, photographers, sculptors, designers, singers showing the world why art matters.  Stay tuned for some of the online initiatives we have in mind to stay inspired and connected. 

If you have any ideas and would like to contribute to our online initiative, please reach out to us at info@startypa.org and follow us online @StArtYPA.  


Thank You,

The StArt YPA Team