Check back for volunteer opportunities in Spring 2021!

StArt YPA Festival Week Volunteers

We are looking for people who are passionate about the arts and outgoing! This is great for students who are looking to fulfill their high school/college community hours. We have multiple positions to fill.

Why Volunteer with us?

Experience! Meet new people! Network! Contribute to your community!

These are some of the great things you will gain when volunteering for StArt YPA! Plus, you can earn up to 40 volunteer hours towards your high school/education community component!

What You'll Do!

StArt YPA Gallery: Set-up Assistants


Work with StArt YPA’s in-house Gallery Coordinator to set up artistic works in a creative way in the StArt YPA gallery room.


Opening Night Reception: Event Assistants


We need 10 Event Assistants to help with set up and food preparation during our Opening Night Reception.


StArt YPA Opening Night Reception & Festival Day:



We need the following volunteers for Festival Day:

Photo booth attendants

StArt YPA gallery attendants

Button making machine attendants

Craft table attendants

Paint & easel attendants

Kitchen attendants

Front of house theatre attendants

Guestbook attendants


Post-Festival Day Load-Out:


On Load-Out day we need volunteers to help load equipment onto the truck and clear out the venue.